Multimedia and Graphics

Certified Multimedia & Graphic Designer

DICS have provided latest and Innovative technology with the reputation of being one of the Best Multimedia Training Institute in Faridabad

With this Multimedia and Graphic course, you learn topics ranging from Logo Design to Poster Design, Brochur Design to Advertisement Design, Story board Idea to Creating Animated Graphics and Working with Audio and Video Editing with Soft Skills for organizational behaviour

Pursuing this course will not only carve out a job for you but also enrich you as an individual competent in the area of Multimedia and Graphic Designing.


Graphic Designing
Typography | Color Theory | Logo Design | Layout Design Print Design | Branding and Identy Design | Packaging Design |
CorelDRAW Basics and Interface Customizing Options | Objects- Creation And Manipulation | Transforming Objects Special Effects | Styles and Templates
Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop Image Manipulation | Color Basics | Photoshop Tools Layer Basics | Masks and channels Special effects | Animating GIF Images for the Web
Adobe Illustrator
Selection and Aligning | Creating & Editing Shapes | Transforming Objects | Color modes | Working with Layers | Using Effects | Appearance Attributes
Adobe InDesign
Setting Up a Document and Working with Pages | Working with Objects Flowing Text | Working with Type | Working with Color | Creating Tables Output and Exporting.
Video Editing
Video Eding Soware Interface | Imporng and Organizing Footage | Basic Eding Techniques | Transions | Adding Text and Graphics | Audio Editing | Color Grading | Exporng| Workflow and Efficiency Tips
Adobe Premiere pro
Interface Overview | Imporng Media Creang a New Project | Timeline Basics Basic Editing Tools | Adding Transions Working with Audio | Adding Text and Titles Basic Color Correcon | Exporng Your Project
Adobe After Effects
Animaon Techniques | Composing and Layering Moon Graphics Design | 3D Integraon Expressions | Advanced Effects and Plugins Moon Tracking | Audio Visualizaon
Interface Basics | Designing UI Components Responsive Design | Prototyping Collaborave Design | Design Systems and Libraries Plugins and Integraons | Prototyping Techniques Version Control and Design History User Testing and Feedback
UI/UX Design
User Research Methods Informaon Architecture Interacon Design Paerns Design Systems and Component Libraries Accessibility Design Responsive and Adapve Design Prototyping and Wireframing Tools Designing for Emerging Technologies UX Metrics and Analycs Collaboraon and Communicaon Skills
Adobe XD
Interface Design Basics | Prototyping Responsive Design | Wireframing Component-Based Design User Tesng and Feedback Animaon and Microinteracons UI Design Systems |Plugins and Integraons Collaborave Workflows
Project Work
Handling Live Projects | Corporate level Projects | Job Training
Soft Skill
CV and Resume Writing | Extempore Positive Attitude | Mock Interview Presentation & GD | Personality Development

After completing this course student will be awarded - Delhi Institute Of Computer Science certified Multimedia and Graphic Designer professional certificate.

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